Peer Feedback for a Doctoral Paper

I am working on some feedback for one of my colleagues in my doctoral cohort at Lancaster University,  and it is truly a humbling experience to give somebody feedback, knowing that my comments and suggestions will in some capacity drive their revision. I hope I speak in the language that demonstrates I understand their work, and they understand my feedback as well.


11 thoughts on “Peer Feedback for a Doctoral Paper

  1. You made me think that I should be updating my profile as well…just not what I can call myself these days cos I’m not employed as midwifery educator any more, and after end of October won’t have an official job…maybe its time I started thinking about calling myself a consultant…which then has ramifications all over the place. Umm…you’ve got me thinking…

  2. @sarah stewart

    I am so glad I helped you to think!

    This reminds me of one of the challenges that I have had in the years and years I have been engaged in education–I used to teach so that students would think the same way about things that I do (a plague of teachers, I believe), though I have since tried to encourage thinking and critical action in whatever direction a learner wants. I don’t want to pretend (or even hope) I corner the market on what is right, though getting any response from people who are over-saturated with so much life is a wonderful thing indeed!

    With this, Sarah, just because you are not employed in that capacity any more does not mean that you still do not consider or have your professional identity wrapped up in that area. I learned that when I was between doctoral programs!

    Have you considered having yourself as a Learning Consultant, or perhaps Practitioner and Instructor?


  3. @sarah stewart

    Work out how to do it? You already know all that, as you have been in the field and have more experiences than you may realize. You will be fantastic!


  4. Jeffrey- Britta gave me your blog URL. I am having fun checking it out. I am currently researching my thesis for a Master of Distance Education. We are called on to reflect on the process- this blog is a wonderful exampe of such a research process! I think I will add one to my own ePortfolio ( I can document the ins and outs for my review board. Thanks for all the inspiration. I wish you well in your research. I share your sentiments on peer review as that opportunity approaches for me as well!B

  5. @Brenda

    Thank you for visiting my little home on the Internet!

    Britta and I have done lots of chats over the past year or so, so will be nice to see what you are working on here as well. How do you know one another?

    Read through your site — married 21 years? Wow!!

    Seems like you have done some rather interesting work. Let me know when you have a blog or another life stream to track your work–there was nothing for me to subscribe to!!

    Here is the question of the day — what are you planning to do with this degree (and another close on its heals)?


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