Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2009-07-30

  • I need to interview 2 autoethnographers for my research project, and any help finding participants is appreciated. #
  • The Chateauneuf went down smoothly last night; it was the Cointreau digestif that did me in. #
  • Time to get off to the office. Hmm, an alliteration. Have not thought of those in some time. #
  • Enjoyed cheese fondue and Chateauneuf du Pape for dinner at La Bonne Soupe. Love the renovation here! #
  • A seemingly racially insensitive political aide in NYC was dismissed due to inappropriate Facebook discussions #
  • Planning to use narrative inquiry in my research project. Any suggested texts beyond Clandinin and Connelly (1994)? #
  • Just read that IBM will buy SPSS. #
  • Hoping to eat cheese fondue for dinner. #
  • Made some edits on an article proof and trying to fax the corrections. #

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