Autoethnography Researcher ~ Interview Request

I am working on a short research project for my PhD course of study at Lancaster University (UK), and am looking for 2 people who have engaged in autoethnographic research to be interviewed (for approximately 30 minutes via phone or Skype) to discuss their experiences or lack of experiences of being a member of or being supported by some community (broadly defined) while they engaged in their research.

The purpose of this research is to try to understand, in some way, if Wenger’s Community of Practice framework makes a difference within the research or experiential lives of those who conduct autoethnographic research, especially given that many in the larger research community still see this as a contested strategy of inquiry.

The only qualification for participation in this research is that you should have completed and published at least one autoethnographic work, with publishing used in a broad sense to mean publicly presented it to others, such as at a conference, in a journal, online, or even submitted for a degree program.

Please let me know if you know of anybody willing to participate or learn more, and I can provide further information.  There is a tight timeline for this research, and it is hoped the interviews will take place by August 15th.

As a research project at Lancaster University, ethical approval has been given for this project, and all considerations and a consent form will be thoroughly discussed and reviewed prior to any data collection.

3 thoughts on “Autoethnography Researcher ~ Interview Request

  1. Hi Jeffrey – I sent you an email yesterday about being willing to volunteer, and passed on another contact. I wanted to communicate about it directly and privately with you and not not here, but a cut and paste of your email address from here on your blog doesn’t work – there is a space after the @ symbol and it won’t send. I made a guess at what it could be, but since I haven’t heard back I am thinking I guessed incorrectly. Please confirm your correct address. Thanks.

  2. @Shannon

    Thank you for your comments and email. Glad you got the email to work properly. I wish the days of having clickable personal email on websites was not gone, but the spam spam spam! Did reply to you this morning, and appreciate your offer of assistance.

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