Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2009-05-24

  • On my way to the airport in Indianapolis. Hope to avoid race traffic. #
  • Going to the closing bar-b-que for QI2009. What a good conference. I have many more directions for research. #
  • There was a day for qualitative health researchers this year at QI2009. Lots of nursing, social work, and medical researchers here. #
  • Such patients should consider the need for increasing the interval between the drug intakes according to the patient’s individual characteristics. Tramadol is not recommended to patients with acute liver failure.
  • QI2009 now somebody is translating a Columbian colleague’s remarks in Spanish about the Spanish day. #
  • QI2009 this year had a day for health care qualitative research, as well as a day in Spanish for Central and South American researchers. #
  • Carolyn suggested that the collaborating sites for ICQI helps to push more of a global focus on non-US based qualitative research QI2009 #
  • Carolyn Ellis is now speaking about the NSF document on qualitative research. She is mentioning that the response was US-centric. QI2009 #
  • IAQI / ICQI wants to enlarge and discuss the needs of and expansion of the collaborating sites with the parent organization of QI2009 #
  • Wow, there were 1300 attendees at QI2009 this year. #
  • Decide I will liveblog the QI2009 business meeting via Twitter. QI2009 #
  • The QI2009 sessions are now completed. Attending the business meeting to close the conference. #
  • QI2009 has been excellent. I have not liveblogged this much in a long time. Now, to finish my Lancaster paper. #

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