Photos from the Qualitative Congress, QI2009

I carried my camera with me at all times, though generally forgot to take it out and use it, being so busy liveblogging! Here are the few I did manage to take.

Note to self—take more at my next conference (that begins on Wednesday, as a matter of fact). I only have one more this year, AERC2009, but more about that later.

2 thoughts on “Photos from the Qualitative Congress, QI2009

  1. Just this one photo? I was hoping for pictures of people, particularly the stars! (although I didnt find any in Cannes either)

    Reminds me of my country boy childhood imagination of what a college would look like…people sitting under trees on a green green lawn. I actually took a Greyhound bus all the way to Chicago to look at Evanston campus when I was 17 or so, but it was too big and frightening.

    How life changes us.

    1. @Kip Jones-

      I know, I know. I carried the camera with me each day, though kept forgetting to take it out! Not sure what happened, but am trying to be better at this conference now.

      I did get Norman Denzin and Yvonna Lincoln, but neglected with Carolyn Ellis, Art Bochner, and Laurel Richardson. Will have to plan to attend again next year!

      Regarding the campus, it was a lot more beautiful than I expected. Interesting how my own perception has changed over the years about what a campus can or should be. Ironically, with more of my work going online, it seems only through conferences do I ever even see a campus any more.

      What is your campus like?


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