Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2009-04-27

  • I really appreciate all the feedback I have been receiving on my autoethnography research proposal #
  • New comment on “Autoethnography Research Project Proposal ~ Feedback Requested” #
  • 6 Aleve tablets today, and still my headache is going strong. #
  • Just parked next to a brand new Lamborghini. What recession? #
  • No traffic at all back into Manhattan. Hey, everybody’s already here! #
  • Just ordered a Dahon Speed D7 2009. #
  • Anybody notice a real slowing down of Facebook this weekend. Trying to refresh the page reminds me of dial-up. Everything else runs fine. #
  • About to go and fertilize the lawn with organic fertilizer. I am starting the year off like a true druid. #

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