Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2009-04-26

  • Just saw this article in today’s NY Times about Swine Flu in a high school in Queens #
  • Got up early to feed and walk the dogs, and decided to check Twitter while I am waiting to see what birds come; I just fed them, too. #
  • I tend not to block people on Twitter, as I have not found a relationship between blocking the spammers there or not. #
  • I have been catching up on the discussions in Lancaster’s VLE, where much of our course discussions occur, all evening. #
  • I joined twitter 781 days ago – ? #
  • I was thinking about a Dahon. Like the Brompton and other UK brands, but they are $$$ #
  • I am thinking about buying a folding bike. They are more expensive than I thought, and there are many more models than I imagined! #

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