Email Catch-Up Day (ECUD)

430332251_b009f725c4_mI have been feeling a little behind in things recently. Email, filing, reviewing articles, ironing–you name it. What to do about all this? Have an Email Catch-Up Day (ECUD)!

I am not just behind in replying to and filing emails, but they are a symbol of communication (and even contemporary life as well) itself, and thus I am calling today Email catch-up and not just Life catch-up. My recent work history and style reflects that if I am able to get my email addressed, and in the process achieve Inbox Zero, then most other personal organizational challenges somehow seem to be resolved.

What do I want to get addressed today?

  • achieve Inbox Zero
  • complete the conference reviews I owe
  • catch-up on ironing
  • file all the papers in my desk’s “pile”
  • finish reviewing the readings and my lesson plans to finish my slides for Tuesday’s Online Course Creation class
  • reply to all class Forum posts and adjustments in course dates
  • upload the lingering photos to Flickr from ASTD and Central Park that are sitting on my desktop
  • review Tweets
  • read (or mark as read) all RSS feeds
  • post a few open items to the new Reflective Practice Community that we are developing
  • update the list of A Very New York Christmas book and ornament signings Michael Storrings is doing this Fall

Phewwww, gotta go!

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