Wildcat 2008 Awards Reception

wildcat.gifI attended the 2008 Awards Reception for Wildcat Service Corporation at the Time Warner Center last night. Wildcat is a wonderful workforce development organization that has trained and prepared over 350,000 people in New York, over its 36 year history, to enter the labor force. Its Missions is “to provide comprehensive creative workforce development services to undereducated, unemployed, underemployed, low income residents of New York City to assure their self-sufficiency.”

It serves a population that is often overlooked and neglected in the economic and social strata in the city, especially through serving unemployed people with prior convictions who need basic skills to rebuild their lives.

I was inspired by one of the speakers who introduced herself as a former client and is now a vice-president at Citibank. It is nice to know that the US is still the Land of Opportunity, even for those who need the most help getting started.

That I was standing behind Richard Parsons, who donated the space for the event, was further testament to the good work Wildcat does.