Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-04-10

  • @BronSt How has your time in NYC been? #
  • @grisonne Sounds exciting. #
  • Has anybody else noticed an increase in Twitter followers that seem to merely be aggregators, rather than real people? #
  • @PaulPam2 Does not seem to be a pattern, which makes me even more suspicious of the reasons . . . #
  • I wish my colleague Christina at work would begin using Twitter. She reads my Tweets from Twitter Tools, after all. #
  • I wish my colleague Christina from work would use Twitter. She reads my Tweets from the Twitter Tools email, after all. #
  • I also wish my closest friend from college, James, would also use Twitter. After all, he reads my Tweets in the same way! #
  • @grisonne Did you forget about using Twitter already? #
  • Left my work I’d (needed for building entry and floor admittance) at home. #
  • @edwardperry Are you watching her in person? Can you Tweet the highlights? #
  • Had lunch with @gsiemens and his lovely wife today. Enjoy when I finally meet people F2F who I have known online for some time. #
  • @gsiemens Enjoy your time in the Big Apple! #

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