Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-04-09

  • Reviewing some results from a SurveyMonkey survey. Interesting findings after only 2 days. #
  • There seems to be a Twitter delay. A number of my posts from this morning seem to have vanished. #
  • @aidanhenry Is this a new venture or a continuation of your current work? #
  • Anybody else having a problem with vanished Tweets today? All of mine from this morning are nowhere to be seen. #
  • @leelefever WHat a great projection and "typo." #
  • @kanter Good luck. I just bought Maytag and hope to never see the repairman. Keyword here = HOPE. #
  • @kanter Tried to join and sent 2 comments, but did not see any video or any responses. Not clear how this works. Tech problem or firewall? #
  • @grisonne Welcome to Twitter. #
  • @RobinYap Feel better! #
  • Left the office; going to an awards reception for a wonderful non-profit in NYC – Wildcat Service Corporation. They do really good work. #
  • @injenuity Glad you are back to the photo I have grown to love! #

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