Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-27

  • Waiting for an appointment that is running late. #
  • Have been somewhat preoccupied with deliverables all week since the holiday weekend, and have not blogged at all. #
  • Will blog next about the class I am teaching that begins next week. Started writing the post, so just have to proofread and then voila! #
  • Just registered for FriendFeed. Any others I should try? #
  • Ate a wonderful fresh and warm everything bagel with lowfat veggie creamcheese while walking. Healthy? #
  • Watching school buses filled with children by Madison Square Garden here for a field trip. No better city to visit. Can be transformative. #
  • Going to a really important senior management meeting, hoping them to approve our project’s next steps. #
  • The meeting went well. Very well. New issues were raised which will involve additional work strands, but approval was given to move forward. #

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