Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-26

  • I actually voted on American Idol tonight. #
  • Tweaking a syllabus for a class I am teaching that begins next week. #
  • Getting chicken noodle soup. #
  • @nelliemuller Either lots more or less sleep, depending on how you understand asynchronous learning! #
  • @jowyang One difference is FriendFeed is blocked at work. #
  • @jowyang Am interested in what you learn about the differences as well. WIll you post them? #
  • @betsyweber Kindles sound more exciting than they look. Interested if you think they are worth the hype, especially for reading on a subway. #
  • I just tried FriendFeed and Facebook again, and they are not blocked. I wonder if the firewall is being updated? #
  • @arjunsingh What work lies ahead? Travel safely, Arjun. #
  • Thinking about using Twitter in a new class I am teaching next week. Anybody have any experience doing this? #
  • @maniactive Not sure I understand. You are recording or typing the chapter a day? #
  • @fncll I also signed up for the NMC Mashup Conference; not sure how much I can attend as no SL at work. Hope the time difference helps. #

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