Project Management for Training

I am teaching a new class that begins next week — Project Management for Training. The course description is listed as:

Whether you’re conducting a single training session for a small audience or multiple sessions for a large group, a training program–like a project in any other discipline–must have an effective plan to guide and track progress. This class provides you with a planning process and teaches you techniques to prepare and deliver training projects consistently and effectively. Focusing on logistics, rationale, scope, timescales, risk management, and budget, you acquire the skills to communicate with the training project’s stakeholders to ensure optimum performance.

I am looking forward to teaching this class, as I am able to bring my skills as a senior instructional designer (my full-time title) and project management (what I primarily do right now) and merge them with my expertise in adult education and human resource development (two of my graduate degrees).

After working in this field for some time now, this this seems to be my life recently . . .

project management

I am interested in seeing if anybody has any useful references or websites they want to share, as well as any stories about how they have seen project management brought into the training function. Any thoughts?

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5 thoughts on “Project Management for Training

  1. Thank you , Christine. What a great idea! I have used SmartDraw, though not in some time. I suppose it will be time to look into it again with my students.

    Do you use that application?

  2. This is a great article! I think the information is very helpful and detailed. I have worked with a company in the past and I have noticed that they seem to have no experience with Project Management at all because it seems what was originally estimated as a one month project ended up taking three months.

    I appreciate all the helpful info and hope you dont mind if I use some of your tips at my workplace.

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