WordPress for CMS

Took some doing to get connected to the network, but it was as if somebody flicked the switch, and the group of us waiting for the WordPress session to start are able to get on.

It is now 12:10, and the WordPress session that ends at 12:30 still has not started. Ungood.

William Stratus (sp) is from Toronto and came down for the day, and stated that he stayed with a colleague in Harlem. He then said he did not get mugged there. I found the humor a bit caustic, especially for an outsider.

There is discussion about how people use WordPress for things beyond just blogging.

He was then speaking about people, and mentioned Garth Turner’s weblog in Canada. www.garth.ca 

There then was some discussion about how people change WordPress, especially about templates for content management so WP does not look like a blog. There is some work done with using WP templates, where the line between CMS and blogging is a tight line. There are a lot of wifi network issues, and people are starting to leave as the presenter keeps trying to get the network to work.

Unfortunately, the speaker was so focused on trying to get wireless, that he could not role with the technology limitations and ended up not speaking about or presenting or discussing much.

Half the people have left the session by now, and I will follow . . .