Welcome to BarCampNYC3!

There was a welcome by somebody who did not introduce himself. He did seem exciting though, and then asked who has NOT been to a BarCamp before? Most hands were raised. Interesting.

Carl Skelton (cskelton@poly.edu), director of Integrated Digital Media at Polytechnic, then spoke. He is hosting a number of the other events like this, and he invited us to consider using Polytechnic University for these sorts of events. I hope this will be the same once NYU buys Polytechnic. He had some interesting slides, and then spoke about the NYU and Polytechnic combination. There are a lot of relationships between the two institutions now. 

I wish I would have remembered my camera.

There was then the thanks and recognition for the sponsors of the event.

There was the discussion about filling in the schedule wall, which is something that is common for BarCamp unconferences. If we find ourselves in a room that is not for us, such as the subject matter is not right for me, then leave and go to another one. We are all participants, so we should try to fix any issues that come up.

Put a red dot on our nametags if we do not want to be tagged. We then crowdsourced and named the rooms.

Cider and muffins are next.

I asked about the tag, and Eric told us that the tag is BarCampNYC3. There is wifi all over, it seems like a friendly start of the day.

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