Does Liveblogging Add Value?

I decided to offer to lead a session. I do not have a presentation to give, as I do not want to use the one Robin and I presented at Northern Voice. I am much more interested in discussing this with other people. My session is scheduled to begin in about five minutes, and nobody is here yet.

Perhaps liveblogging does not add value?

For the life of me, I cannot get the projector to work in presentation mode. I had the same problem at Northern Voice, and am starting to wonder if something happened to my plug. Mental note to self–call Lenovo tech support.

Ahh, some people attended, and we proceeded to discuss liveblogging, Twitter, and the value and usage of the two.

I am convinced there is more discussion and research to do on this topic.

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2 thoughts on “Does Liveblogging Add Value?

  1. Jeffrey,
    If I was in NY this weekend I would have been at your session!

    I think liveblogging does have value as a way for people not at a conference to get a good sense of what was covered/discussed in a session. I know I’ve read liveblog posts multiple times, and I most recently liveblogged Matt Mullenweg’s keynote at Northern Voice – that was fun!


  2. Stewart-

    Thank you! I read your liveblogging session from Matt’s keynote at nv08. What software did you use for that that captured the timestamp?


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