What is Chumby?

This is a session to discuss Chumby, which I recall hearing about but have never seen. Alexandre Rafalovitch was the presenter.

Chumby is Linux-based, uses wifi, flash lite widget, touchscreen, accelerometer, speakers, and usb. It is corded and small.

It is not supposed to be a computer replacement, but an augmenter.

It integrates with Winamp, radio stations, iPod, alarm, and has open architecture so things can be written for it.

There is a Chumby forum where people make suggestions and other people then consider writing their own applications for it. One of them suggested having a pill reminder, which reminds me of the medication management issues in and around telehealth.

Chumby seems like a great piece of hardware, and I want to look into this tool more. This has been one of the more interesting sessions today!

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