Blogs as Community

Max from Microsoft started to speak about Microsoft Channel 9. The goal was to get information out to the developers within the company. It was called Channel 9 since that is the airline channel where the information between the pilots and the control tower can be heard.

Max is speaking about Channel 8. He showed us the current blog appearance of the Channel 8, which looks and feels like a blog with reversed chronological feeds.

On the new appearance, Max was showing us elements of the new site design. He then used the people in this session as a usability discussion group. There was some interesting feedback from a usability perspective. It included some work on anonymity, including your personal avatar, and even a rotating discussion post.

The moderator plays a larger roll.

There is some discussion about chatting and how advertising has colored our use and expectations of technology. There was an example of some building of a community because there was user input into the building of a computer, and then it was given away at the end. The give-away seemed to help community.

There is really a big issue with the wifi access here at BarCampNYC3. I do not see a lot of people using laptops here, perhaps less than 20%. I do not think the wifi system here at Polytechnic can handle this small number.

What causes people to interact, even here in our sessions? There is a fear of not looking stupid, or lacking in information.

The discussion is starting to get a bit unfocused, as can happen in unconference sessions, but I am no longer paying much attention.

Ahh, time to go and thus to post this.