Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-15

  • @maniactive Wow, you should start mail order of them. Sound even better thinking about them now. #
  • @betsyweber VA is closer to Europe . . . #
  • The 1 2 and 3 trains are delayed due to a stalled train. Running late for #barcampnyc. #
  • Seems the trains are starting to run again, but rather delayed. #
  • Forgot my camera for #barcampnyc3. Will have to blog more instead. #
  • Forgot if the tag should be #barcampnyc or #barcampnyc3. It would have been easier to remember but the Twitter name has changed for it. #
  • I see Eric just used the tag #barcampnyc3 so I guess that is the tag to use. #
  • Would help with boxes but still stuck for the delayed trains. Here it comes! #
  • Bible woman on the street, with pamphlet in hand, asked me if there was such a thing as true religion. "No, there’s not" I responded. #
  • Give her something to think about. #
  • At #barcampnyc3. Seems the unconference involves the sign-in, too. Sweet t-shirts, already worth the trip. #
  • @injenuity Once a teacher, always a teacher! #
  • @injenuity It took me many years to not be threatened by open questions. #
  • #BarCampNYC3 is starting. About 100 people here for this. #
  • I see fewer laptops liveblogging #BarCampNYC3 during the intro session than I expected. Perhaps still early? #
  • @mashable Feel better, Pete. #
  • Wonder if the is a #barcampnyc3 back channel for chat? #
  • Muffins at #barcampnyc3 are really good. #
  • The wall for the unconference session is in a cramped hallway. Not cool. Literally. #
  • @ChrisRicca I feel the same about the initial awkwardness. #
  • @ChrisRicca I feel the same about the initial awkwardness. #
  • Interesting discusion at #barcampnyc3 about OpenID and identification and authentication system. Lots of ideas, but no solutions. #
  • More than that, people seem really excited to discuss all the problems with these different systems. The facilitator asked for solutions. #
  • Bought a sandwich in the cafeteria. Very long line. Getting a latte at Starbucks now. #
  • Gorgeous and sunny out. Hope to find outdoor seating. #
  • Found a seat in this little outdoor plaza. First time I have eaten outside this year. Helps put me in a rosier mood. #
  • @slmader Very true. When will you be out here again? #
  • @arjunsingh I just liveblogged about another Canadian blogging politician. #
  • @leelefever I was plugging your Twitter video at #BarCampNYC3 this morning. #
  • Attending a #barcampnyc3 session on Twitter’s business model. #
  • Discussing Twitter’s business model. #
  • @cogdog Good thing you are not working in fast food and hospitality services then! Really, it is better for us you are not working there! #
  • Major wifi access problems at Polytechnic for #barcampnyc3. #
  • Burgers at Corner Bistro again. Yumm. #

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