Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-12

  • We finished dinner and are now speaking about using laptops in class and in meetings. Ahh, brave new world. #
  • Hard to imagine the Barnes and Noble superstore on 6th and 22nd is closing. I remember when that store opened-the first I saw with a cafe. #
  • How is it I go over my network limit for email and Outlook files on a weekly basis? I have got to stop saving so many emails and files. #
  • Governor Spitzer just resigned, effective Monday. #
  • Governor Spitzer just resigned, effective Monday. #
  • @fncll Perhaps if you write with some references you can get academic credit for them? #
  • @ErnieAtLYD Governor of NY; spent $5000 on a prostitute; known for strict law enforcement; hypocritical; lost all respect thus cannot lead #
  • @Currie What will you be doing instead? #
  • My Outlook network access just stopped. #
  • In line at Barnes and Noble Union Square reading National Geographic Traveller and an article mentions Twitter. Wanted to Tweet about it. #
  • Barnes and Noble just closed their Astor Square store too? I remember when that store opened as well. Wow. #
  • Just learned Benny’s Burritos no longer has chili. Can’t get no satisfaction this evening. #

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