Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-13

  • Have been working on taxes all night. #
  • @moritherapy What is a Meebo Meet? #
  • @dnorman It is a lot better than ordering it online and having to send back what does not fit! #
  • @betsyweber Cough, cough; need to work from home . . . #
  • @macboyx What happened? #
  • Have not seen much Twitter discussion about #barcampnyc3. I wonder why? #
  • @fncll Thank you for recommending Tweet Scan while at #nv08. Great little Twitter searcher. #
  • @fncll Thank you for also recommending Twitter Karma. Another gem. #
  • Back to the taxes . . . #
  • @scope_community What is coming up next? #
  • @macboyx These things happen, usually at the most inconvenient times. #
  • @innonate Great; will be able to really make use of Tweet Scan! #
  • @dougsymington Those two suggestions were at the end of a wonderful chat with @fncll at #nv08. Great what tidbits we can share. #
  • @NancyWhite I wonder if it depends on the context? #
  • @mkgold I wish I could have seen Slavoj Žižek. Now, a day later, what still sticks in your mind from the event? #
  • Phew, just got tax information ready for my accountant. I don’t like working with all these numbers–I am SO qualitative. #
  • @scope_community Great! Thank you. #
  • Getting an check-up with the veterinary oncologist. #
  • Getting a check-up with the veterinary oncologist. #
  • @maniactive Never heard of pistachio muffins; bet they taste great. #
  • Working on travel arrangements for ASTD in San Diego in June. #
  • @fncll Let’s plan to keep this up, then. #
  • Triple grande skim latte. Yumm. #
  • Wondering how to distinguish performance improvement from organizational development and wokplace learning and performance. #
  • Just had a prep meeting for an upcoming important project meeting. It went well, and seems we are all thinking alike. #
  • Anybody going to the #ISPI Conference next month? #
  • Nice to leave during daylight. #

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