Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-03

  • Watching LIfe Lessons with Onslow on PBS. It is a Keeping Up Appearances special / new film. #
  • Lots of clips from the earlier episodes while on the BBC, but so nice to see something new. #
  • I did the laundry and ironing first thing this morning to get it out of the way. The best for you now! #
  • @dmcordell Excellent advice for virtual as well as F2F! #
  • @dnorman Great references, D’Arcy. I am not familiar with the first one, so it is a nice new find for me. #
  • @dnorman I generally use the NYTimes; but they are losing share in the digital arena; and finally they offer permalinks for non-subscribers! #
  • @RobinYap and even more ideas that have not made it to the project stage! #
  • @betsyweber Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds; it is quite good. #
  • Just got a ticket for sold-out BarCampNYC3. Sweet. #
  • Sick. Coughing. Headache. Finishing a slide deck at work that has to be submitted. #
  • Just left the office. Getting sicker all day. #

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