Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-04

  • Sitting here in my comfortable chair cleaning up email and blowing my nose. #
  • I shoulg not have worked the entire day today. Feel even more exhausted and sick. With that, off to bed. #
  • Home sick today coordinating work in the office from here. I stayed there too long yesterday. #
  • Have already worked on work emails for several problem solving issues for the last hour and a half. 5 calls. Perhaps I should have gone in? #
  • Anybody know what method Twitter uses to organize the names of people who follow us or we follow on Twitter? Cannot figure out the order. #
  • Have to review the BarCampNYC3 wiki to understand the lay of the land #
  • Wearing my #nv08 brown Bloggable t-shirt today. It makes me feel smarter, thinner, and part of a select open community of creative folk. #
  • @fncll So, what actions are you considering? #
  • @RobinYap Ouch. You ok? #
  • They are putting a sidewalk-shed around my building now. Watching the light go out . . . #
  • @suewolff I have never seen a location like the one you showed @NancyWhite #
  • @NancyWhite The unsubdued mind and its speak about fear reminds me of a book I bought on route back from #nv08. #
  • @NancyWhite It stated FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real, which I like. #
  • @fncll It sounds like you are having a rough day. Just try to get through to 5:00 for now. Sometimes small goals are all we can strive for. #
  • @NancyWhite How to Be Brilliant by Michael Heppell. Has a catchy cover and imported from England, so thought it may have a new perspective. #
  • @dmcordell Interesting. I have not been able to find out anything about it. #
  • @injenuity What is an "instruction council?" #
  • @andymatic Thanks for the notice about E. Gary Gygax and his death already updated on wikipedia #
  • E. Gary Gygax had a profound impact on my growing up, and certainly influenced countless other people in his work in role-playing games. #
  • @pinoyboy I can’t help but think that carbon offsets are cop-outs. Kinda like drinking too much while still donating to AA. #
  • First time outside all day. Getting milk and juice. #
  • Getting coffee while waiting to fill a prescription. #
  • Anybody have any thoughts about SurveyMonkey? #

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