Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-02

  • Is official; I have bronchitis. #
  • @betsyweber Yes; they went to the pharmacy for me to pick up 3 scripts. #
  • @dmcordell Exactly, means I will begin that rest once I finish my performance review, which has to be submitted by today. #
  • Doing laundry. Not feeling well, but would rather get laundry done when no one else is doing it. #
  • Put clothes in the dryer and suddenly people came en masse to use the washers. Good timing. #
  • @_Yarbo_ Thank you. Got some medications for it from the doctor. At least that means I should not get any worse. #
  • @daveseah Like treacle pudding? #
  • @daveseah Perhaps they are related? #
  • @pinoyboy What is the picture from that you are using on your Twitter page? #
  • @pinoyboy Cool image; thanks. #
  • Anybody know how to use a live webpage as a screensaver on Windows Vista? #
  • @dnorman Which mass media do you follow, then? #
  • @ErnieAtLYD They don’t realize who they are losing. Onward and upward! #
  • @dmcordell A bit better. Have been staying in trying to rest. Added 2 blog posts. Will file some paperwork. Thank you for asking. #
  • @injenuity So, 2 of us? Anybody else? Last year Darren Barefoot blogged about it and there were many others who had it as well. #
  • @NancyWhite Thank you for positive thoughts and vibes my way, Nancy. #
  • @macboyx Will look forward to next time! For now, enjoy the new WTC Path Station. #
  • @RobinYap Thanks for the hotel links. Scary; I know a few of those places. #
  • Just discovered Exxplore Twitter Wow! #
  • Twitter Blocks are really visually cool! #
  • @slmader and @RobinYap Did you see Arjun’s post on Seinfeld and #nv08? #
  • Interesting news about MediaWiki’s "embrace" of social networking #

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