Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-02-29

  • @_Yarbo_ Or, consider opening a second account, notify all your contacts about it, and then delete the first one. #
  • Working on an essay I am writing. #
  • @RobinYap Thanks for your confidence, but as an educator I am never happy relaying exactly what I have presented before. Always more to say #
  • @RobinYap I like the new background – how did you do it? #
  • Listening to Las Mayas (Alfonson X el Sabio 1221-1284), on the album Danzas Medievales EspaƱolas by the Eduardo Paniagua Group. #
  • Hypnotic drumming and fluting in Li Rosignox (Teobaldo I Rey de Navarra 1201-1253). #
  • Laughed through Wanda Sykes on Leno. She has never been funnier. #
  • @macboyx Cool! Literally – it will snow Friday night in NYC, so pack warmly. #
  • @injenuity I hope it is not serious. #
  • @aidanhenry Wonderful! #
  • @pinoyboy Oh, live on the edge and don’t pack. Support our economy and buy new clothes when you arrive. You deserve them. #
  • @injenuity I love your new Twitter wallpaper! #
  • @moritherapy We are working with health literacy standards. There is a lot happening with health litercy as the population ages. #
  • I think I am the only one of my Twitter circle that is awake. Scary, that they are all west of me. #
  • @slmader Then I know I am awake much too late tonight. Night! #
  • @maniactive Because it gives you more material about which to Tweet. #
  • @jimgroom Happiness can also be a result of the power of positive thinking. #
  • @moritherapy What is a tweetku? #
  • @jimgroom You maketh me blush too early on a Friday! #
  • @gapingvoid That is a great place. I would have bought you a drink if I knew you were in the neighborhood. #
  • @gusgreeper What are sock monkeys? #
  • @injenuity Don’t you tag as you go along? #
  • @retrocactus In what way are you now official? #
  • @gusgreeper Do you make these? #
  • Does APA style list author’s middle initials? #

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