Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-01

  • @slmader Cool. I am sure you mentioned it during #nv08, but sometimes we cannot hear until we are ready. #
  • @macboyx Was great to see you for dinner last night. Next time we will meet without rain! #
  • @pinoyboy Great seeing you again for dinner as well. Enjoy your time in New York. Will have lots of fodder for podcasts this way. #
  • @johnong Enjoyed meeting you after listening to your show for the last year. Can now put a face and visual expressions to your voice. #
  • @RobinYap A bit belated, but good morning from the Twitterverse sent right back to you. #
  • @pinoyboy The little babies are sleeping now. #
  • Just made turkey chili. it will now cook for a few hours. #
  • Feeling a little under the weather. Beautiful day outside but a bit cold and windy. Nice sun that I am enjoying from the window. #
  • Listening to Sirius Area 33. Trance and Progressive House. #
  • Listening to Paul van Dyk f. Jessica Sutta – White Lies (Dave Spoon Mix). Sweet. #
  • @dmcordell Thank you! Just had a pot of tea and some raw garlic. saying (and believing) positive words about my health right now. #
  • @dmcordell Also, as my performance review is due today and I am working on it, I am listening to online Sirius music; Helps me to focus. #
  • Listening to Trentemoller’s Moan and smelling my turkey chili that is starting to waft through the apartment. #
  • @dmcordell Only recently starting to realize that. Will not be unrealistic and will call the doc if I start coughing and filling up. #
  • @coolcatteacher Never a fear when sick! #
  • @fncll I have seen but not used Library Thing. How do you find the service / website? #

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