Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-02-28

  • Seems Twitter just had another Ghost in the Machine. #
  • Working late on some paperwork. Seems many of my Twitter colleagues are off to the Land of Nod. #
  • @macboyx And you are in the same time zone! #
  • @mashable Just requested the invite. Sounds really interesting. #
  • @gusgreeper Did you find it useful? #
  • @slmader I haven’t seen any recent Tweets from you in the past hour or so. #
  • @slmader Twitter has been acting a little funny this evening. Instead of clicking the Home button on top, I have had to refresh the page. #
  • @retrocactus I think clicking the logo works like the Home button. In some ways refresh seems to work differently. Perhaps in my mind? #
  • Just removed two people I followed on Twitter. Both were overly self-indulging in the tech world. Far too many posts I am not interested in. #
  • Have to slim down a bit. The 79 people I follow now have me more than busy keeping up and replying to. #
  • Ironed early this morning. #
  • @heyjudeonline How do you like WordPress? #
  • I missed BarCampNYC3 tickets. #
  • MIchael Bloomberg will not run for president This has been a constant area of NY speculation. #
  • @Currie You know, @slmader was saying something similar last night. I know there has to be a Twitter Ghost in the Machine! #
  • Researching health literacy. #
  • Did health literacy research all morning. Great stuff out there. #
  • @robinyap Thank you for introducing me to Starbucks egg and cheese sandwiches. Enjoying one now for lunch. #
  • Six shot venti skim latte. Wonder what that is called? #
  • @slmader I heard about that. I never ordered one before because they do not look good cold and under glass. They taste almost as good as DD #
  • @_Yarbo_ Much better tasting than looking! You feeling better? #
  • @macboyx It has kept me awake, but is starting to fade now . . . #
  • @RobinYap @slmader said they are being discontinued. Starbucks never did a good job marketing them. Tasty, but not appealing to see uncooked #

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