Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-02-27

  • Just installed TwitterFox. Anybody ever use it? #
  • Listening to Medieval Music, Ensamble Alcatraz, while writing my Northern Voice debrief post. #
  • @injenuity You just changed your Twitter pic! #
  • @leelefever You sound like you are having too much fun to get paid for it! #
  • @_Yarbo_ You tag Fllickr photos so people can search based on tags, as they may on a blog as well. #
  • @_Yarbo_ Tagging is also another way people can group tagged (similar) photos with an rss feed as well. #
  • @_Yarbo_ For example, the RSS for Flickr pics tagged nv08 is #
  • Ensemble Alcatraz with Kitka’s "Quantas Sabedes Amare Amigo," a favorite of mine. #
  • @NancyWhite What is FriendFeed? It looks interesting. #
  • I just listened to Chris Heuer’s interview of me while at Northern Voice #
  • It is almost noon already and I have meetings all afternoon. How did I work before I used Outlook for scheduling? #
  • @_Yarbo_ I hope it is not the Northern Voice plague!!!!!! #
  • @fncll Ouch, nothing like a down-to-reality moment after a retreat. #
  • @fncll I find the adjustment tough, and am now consciously trying to connect more via social media (Twitter and replying to blog posts). #
  • Just noticed the "Reply to . . ." arrow in Twitter next to contact names. Has that always been there? #
  • @funnymonkey Instead of a summary post, perhaps we should think of it as a Next Steps post? #
  • @injenuity How is the house? How ’bout your baby? #
  • @aidanhenry Hang in there and try not to overdo it. #
  • @funnymonkey Good. After all, what is the point of a summary if not pointing to a next step? I suppose it depends on the emphasis. #
  • @pinoyboy You are Canadian? From where in Canada? #
  • @injenuity Good on all counts. Is it a go? #
  • @pinoyboy Nevertheless, from a US perspective it still sounds exotic and rugged. #
  • @injenuity How long has the reply link been here? #
  • @dmcordell How much snow do you have right now? #
  • @pinoyboy I always lived in NY but never went to Canada until a friend moved there a few years back. Seemed so far away before. #
  • @injenuity That already seems like an interesting position you will hire. #
  • @jimgroom Glad to see your Tweets now! #
  • @jimgroom No walled gardens, ehh? #
  • @jimgroom Twitter was starting to be popular at NV last year, and has only seemed to grow in popularity. #
  • Going to a meeting to discuss health literacy. #

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