National Poetry Writing Month #NaPoWriMo: 3 Days In!

I have been successful with writing poems for the first two days of National Poetry Writing Month, the annual celebration of poetry writing that coincides with National Poetry Month each April. Since I have been writing poetry as one of my 2018 goals (the goal is specifically to publish a poem this year), I thought this was a wonderful opportunity toΒ  generate some first drafts of poems in a communal setting as others who are engaging in the same process are sharing their progress via the #NaPoWriMo tag .

While I cannot post these poems here as our own blogs count as publication according to some of the poetry journals, I can mention their working title thus far:

  1. Day 1 – The Future Is Not Unhurried
  2. Day 2 – Like a Dryad Awaiting the Poet

Likely these titles will develop when I go back and start revising them, but I wanted to share this in the case that anybody else needs encouragement to join in and write poetry — what do you have to lose?

Come join us release creative energy into the world as we begin Day 3!

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