WordPress Upgrade, Again

I just upgraded my blog to the latest stable release of WordPress (Version 2.3.2), and updated my theme Royaleto its current version, 1.4, as well. Upgrades like these always seem easier before they actually begin . Strange how they tend to show problems and inconsistencies with other widgets, plug-ins, and the like. WordPress is much easier than MovableType to upgrade, as even with the tweaks and hiccups, I was still able to do it myself and without the need of hiring a developer!

One of the cool features in the current theme is the toggle buttons on the upper right of each post. The posts can be individually toggled opened and closed. This does not effect functionality much outside of printing, but anything to add interactive possibilities (such as to print a post without the sidebars) is a nice feature.

Twitter Champion

I just read a fascinating post from Richard Azia, where he described some of his thoughts having recently Tweeted 10,000 times (in under a year!). He had some really thoughtful reflections about Twitter as a truly social media. I commented on his page about this, sharing my own thoughts about why I started to Tweet more. To quote my own reply:

. . . I have started using it [Twitter] again a lot more because of 3 reasons–I have a BlackBerry and started using TwitterBerry, since it makes it easier to Tweet while on the run. Secondly, I find myself more open to sharing things in my day as my own public reflective practice (like autoethnographic and narrative studies). Thirdly, I recently switched my blog from MovableType to WordPress, and use Twitter Tools–this allows me to have my daily Twitter feeds get automatically added to my blog (so I do not lose my thoughts if Twitter decides it wants to become a walled garden).

I here so many people argue for or against Twitter, that is is nice to here somebody share a rather humble explanation of how they use it. I like to see such examples, especially after hearing all the arguments.