The AIM of Social Media & Web 2.0

Yesterday I gave a presentation entitled The AIM of Social Media & Web 2.0: Who? What? How? to a wonderful academic organization, The City University of New York (CUNY) Creative Arts Team (CAT).

Social Media & Web 2.0

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As an alumnus of Hunter College (part of the CUNY system), I have always had a fondness for public higher education institutions that seek to bring creative and positive change to people here in NYC.

I adjusted the focus that I have seen others do in presenting and promoting social media and Web 2.0, in part because I am an instructional designer obsessed with needs analysis and a management communications adjunct instructor who completely focuses on everybody’s WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?).

Thus, I spent time discussing how important it is to understand your audiences’ WIIFMs, clearly articulating your objectives in reaching them, and then (and only then) considering the social media options that will best help you deliver your message.

I think it is useless for organizations to dive into social media / social networking without doing their pre-work. I wonder if anybody else takes this approach?