Research Design Outline Approved

The fundamental ideas in my outline for my Autoethnographer Communities of Practice research design was approved yesterday from my faculty tutor at Lancaster University. Next steps for this week include:

  1. Specifying the interview questions
  2. Writing the consent form
  3. Submitting them both (with a tweaked overview) for ethical approval (I was told this should be a quick process as my research design is low risk)

I am still excited about this research outline, as I have not seen much research in this area.

Purposeful Sample for Autoethnographer Communities of Practice

Further developing my research idea, I now realize I did not quite list the population, or participants, I will seek to research and from whom I will gather my data.

I suppose they will be discussed in the Data Collection area of my research outline (which leads me to another question–is the outline I posted called a research outline, or is it referred to as something else?).

Given that we have 4 weeks for this (August 7-September 6), there is really no time to waste at all going down the wrong path, so I want to do something that is workable, doable, and also worth doing.

Given these limitations, I think interviewing 2 people may be sufficient. Given that I want to do a narrative inquiry of them, I will also read their autoethnographic work to see if there is any evidence to support or otherwise address my research questions. As a qualification for this research, it would seem that the 2 people should have completed and published their autoethnographic work, with publishing used in a broad sense to include presenting it at a conference, published in a journal or online location, or even published it as a paper submitted for a degree program.

I will try to locate participants by posting my request to a Yahoo Group that deals with autoethnography, as well as directly emailing some colleagues who work in this area to see if they know anybody who may be interested in this. I do not have any colleagues in mind to directly ask if they are willing to assist with this interview, which I expect will be about 30 minutes most likely via phone, though I will not be opposed to working with people who I already know (as I do not know much about the topic of this research). I am planning to record the interviews and transcribe them (I just bought a digital recorder and phone recording wire, and am about to purchase a USB pedal for the actual transcription).

Will appreciate some feedback on this, as I will use this as the basis for my ethical form that I need to complete and submit by the end of this week.