Research Design Outline Approved

The fundamental ideas in my outline for my Autoethnographer Communities of Practice research design was approved yesterday from my faculty tutor at Lancaster University. Next steps for this week include:

  1. Specifying the interview questions
  2. Writing the consent form
  3. Submitting them both (with a tweaked overview) for ethical approval (I was told this should be a quick process as my research design is low risk)

I am still excited about this research outline, as I have not seen much research in this area.

16 thoughts on “Research Design Outline Approved

  1. Nice site Jeff! Good to see your research work porgress. I hardly have time to put my updates online. This keeps me on my toes.

  2. I’m in communication research. I’m trying to look into the area of cultural production in film. I’m currently working on my framework and research design and its really keeping me on a chair for days now.

  3. Oh, really? I live, study and work in the Philippines, although I have travelled abroad presenting my previous research papers in conferences. I study at the University of the Philippines. It has an open university but I doubt if it offers a PhD degree in communication, which is sad for those who want to do doctoral studies but don’t have the luxury of time in the evenings for classes.

  4. @Brian Bantugan

    Are you working on a master’s in communication research? Is this something you want to pursue in academia or in some way in practice? Asking this because your research interest is somewhat specific.

    What is your research design looking like?

  5. it’s based on bakhtin’s theory on dialectics. then i’m incorporating political economy and cultural studies perspectives.

    it’s a PhD program. I teach and do research in a university. i hope i can do creative work after my I finish it.

  6. @Brian Bantugan

    So you are a PhD student. Full-time program, then?

    I am not very familiar with Bakhtin’s theory on dialectics. Can you suggest a primer on it, or otherwise summarize it for a newbie?

    What do you mean by “creative work” when you are finished, if that does not mean academia?

  7. It’s not a new idea but bakhtin theorized the idea of “paradox” as dialectic relations. the presence of forces that result to order – centripetal force, and choas – centrifugal force. These forces exist in the mundane.

    i do design and writing work. so different from teaching and research.

  8. @Brian Bantugan

    Interesting concepts. If I were to begin reading him, with which work should I start?

    While I engage in research and am a doctoral student / teach as an adjunct faculty member, I am a full-time project manager and instructional designer within clinical education.

  9. Oh he’s a literary theorist – Bakhtin – but he’s become more relevant now in interdisciplinary research. It’s good to ad him from the secondary ources first, meaning, other scholars looking at him, and then going to his original works online that have been translated in English.

    Good to hear you design instructional materials. When I said creative work, I was referring to teaching and research on one side and doing exhibits and creative writing on the other side. By the way, I’m now in Toronto. My work as university professor in Manila ends on October. That’s a lot of time to do new things. I finished my PhD last April 2010.

  10. I’m still trying to find my way in Canada.A work in the university like research will do for now. How’s your job so far?

    1. My job is well, and while it is related to my doctoral research, it is not exactly in the same field. Part of my challenge will be to see how I can take what I studied and implement it into practice, though higher education / academia does indeed beckon. I would like to teach and research more than the one course I teach at a time.

      Do you use Twitter?

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