Doodle’s New Interface

My favorite online event scheduling program, Doodle, has just released a new interface:

doodle revision

This makes it easier to figure out what to do with the program, and the sleeker and more professional-looking graphics makes me wonder about how they are demonstrating they want to break into the big leagues. Good for them! They have a simple product and do not make us users jump through all sorts of hoops to use it. Simple account set-up, easy-to-edit scheduling, and few ads. All around, a nice service to use. I have found Doodle even easy to use with technology newbies, which is often an audience with which I directly work.

They are a model for how Web firms should focus on their core competency and perfect what they begin before they expand into trying to do everything.

Doodle Gets a .com!

doodle Congratulations to Doodle, my favorite free meeting scheduling and online polling site; they just got their .com address!

While this may not seem like a major step, the company is a Swiss firm that is increasingly international in scope; so much so that it appears it realized it had to have a .com domain name. With this, Doodle will undoubtedly become more widespread and accepted by an American audience (especially as their previous website was the somewhat difficult to remember

I have yet to see a faster and easier meeting scheduling website, and already use it for collaborative international synchronous meetings, as well as finding times for my online class to meet when we needed to change a live meeting day. As I started to use and rely on Doodle for scheduling over the past few months that I have been using it, I wish all those involved with it the best for their success.