Actor-Network Theory and Systems Theory

systemLeave it to the #CLmooc overlords (hey, I can never figure out who the weekly leaders are, so why not?) to challenge us to think about systems theory during the Week 4 Make Cycle. While last week was a challenging one for me on many levels, I just could not let this one pass by without offering some thoughts and ideas on it.

I think the video to illustrate systems thinking that was provided at the start of the week’s Make Cycle was excellent. Nothing like using the image of the blind men touching various parts of the elephant and thinking, or claiming, they know the entirety as a result. Though the video was a bit heteronormative in its images, I degress . . . or do I? It may be easy to claim Continue readingActor-Network Theory and Systems Theory

Correlation Does Not Imply Causation & ANT

If this does not support an actor-network theory approach to organizational politics (or the challenges associated with applying quantitative methods to social behaviors), then the black boxes we create to compartmentalize and explain behaviors needs a swift review!