Here comes the Analysis!

I have neglected my blog for a bit recently, though the (good?) reason is because I have worked so intensely on my thesis! While I continue to tweak and clarify and refine my first chapters, something that I fully expected to still be doing, I am nearing ready to send the first round of my analysis for review (with the target of Wednesday, 12 September). While I do not envision being finished with it by then, I expect to have enough of substance to get some real feedback on it. I find that having a concrete goal and date is helpful with this experience in endurance!!

Between now and then will find me finish making all the corrections and edits that have previously been identified, continue to refine my literature, and adjust internal issues of consistency and repetition. Phew!

Life Gets in the Way: Writing Gaps in April and May

I feel I have gotten very little writing done toward my doctoral thesis in the last few weeks, and after being asked about it again by a great encourager of me remaining focused on finishing my PhD, I decided I needed to write a brief check-in on my happenings. April and May have been quite troubling as I try to write my research and finish this degree.

Let’s see, where to start? I think I need to go back to the very beginning of April, when I was away at the Networked Learning Conference in the Netherlands. Fine, and well-planned. The jet-lag and cell-phone issues while there took a few days to overcome, though when I was finally getting back into a routine by the middle of the next week–it hit. We had a flood in the apartment on April 11.

The pipe displaced itself from the toilet, and while we were home and while we were able to get the super to turn off the water within 5-10 minutes or so, there was enough water that came out and spread into the apartment that the wood floor was ruined. Completely ruined. Even with the water extraction company sent by the insurance company 4 hours later setting up fans and a large dehumidifier that then ran for the next 6-7 days, the water under the wooden floor tiles loosened the glue holding them down (as well as causing many of them to buckle and split) so it would have to be replaced.

So, where does that leave my story that began with my conference on April 1? Yes, the equipment in the apartment was finally removed on April 17. What a mess.

With all of the rugs gone (sent to the rug cleaner to try to ultimately save them; at least the flood water was clean!!), and the wood now making noise wherever we step, we then had to navigate between our insurance and the building insurance, with their finally taking another two weeks to agree on who will pay for all this. You see, we also had to have 3 estimates in the process, with samples seen, while this all took place, with the decisions as to which color to switch to. We chose the one that is closest to what we have. You see, there was such extensive wood floor damage that tiles could not just be replaced as they would not match — it all has to go.

Just lovely, the entire floor has to go, which means we have to move a lot of things (even though, thankfully, the furniture was not damaged much). As one of the bookshelf / desktop units had some water get under it, and this piece really being a composite of 5 separate parts that had been built and added onto over the years (taking an entire wall and including two desks, a file cabinet, 3 cupboards, lots of bookshelves, and several lighting units), it would be removed. Alas, it could not be reassembled easily at all, so out it all went. Yes, that meant we needed to purchase new desks (both on order) and have new bookshelves designed (also currently being  built), which all takes time. And disruption . . . don’t forget about the disruption in routine (i.e., time for writing).

Lots of time.

Did I mention that 14 months ago I also bought tickets to see Wagner’s The Ring (16 hours of opera over 4 days) at the Metropolitan Opera, the week starting May 5 and ending May 12?

So here, a week later, the floor replacement is beginning tomorrow, and while that should be usable just after Memorial Day, the desks and shelves will arrive 1-2 weeks later. Yes, things should finally be back to normal around the first week of June.

First week of June, and here it is I am trying to write and finish my data analysis!

I think writing this post has helped me to better understand where all my time (and energy, emotional navigation, and money) has gone over the past 2 months. Suffice it to say I have had to take a few vacation days here and there to manage all this, for otherwise I work full-time, though thinking about it and sharing it a bit more widely here helps me to close one episode, if you will, and begin to again focus on another — my thesis.

Life does get in the way while engaging in the years of non-stop work toward a doctorate, though for me the lesson is that I only have so much energy, and sometimes it has to be directed toward immediate problems at hand. That is not bad, it is simply healthy. Of course, as the wheel turns, we do have to make our ways back to our other commitments, chiefly among them is my thesis.

With that said, I have this afternoon and several days in the coming week dedicated to my studies. In many ways, that is a welcome home.

Video of My Research Seminar

I am happy to share the video of my recent Research Seminar presentation, where I discussed my doctoral thesis research in progress.

If you ever want to get feedback and suggestions about your own research I cannot recommend this sort of opportunity highly enough. In many ways, this came at just the right time, as it forced me to try to make sense of all my work in a way that is understandable by a larger audience (outside of my supervisors and immediate colleagues). Wonderful opportunity, especially while writing up, to help clarify the thoughts as this was the first time I have publicly discussed my work from beginning to end.

Besides looking like Mr. Potato Head in the video (which I fully expected), I am happy with the results.

Slides from the Research Seminar of My Research in Progress

I presented my doctoral thesis (dissertation) research in progress this past Wednesday at the Department of Educational Research Seminar Series, and want to share my slides for the benefit of anybody interested. While they may not make the most sense until the recording is available, they will at least provide evidence of my research direction. They are available here and are in PDF form due to size issues.

Overall, I received positive feedback from the faculty, staff, and student attendees. Some very useful questions, both those that remind me to include some specific content in my thesis, as well as considerations for my eventual viva preparation. This was a rich experience, and I would recommend the same for anybody else considering the first public sharing of doctoral research.

As always, very interested in feedback and suggestions.

Research Seminar this Wednesday!

I am presenting my doctoral thesis research in progress at my department’s Seminar Series. I often attend the Department of Educational Research seminars from a distance, though this will be the first time I have presented at one.

While this has been a great opportunity to help me focus my writing and make some solid progress, the most interesting thing for me will be that this is the first time I will discuss my research holistically. Thus far, I have only spoken with other people about various elements of it; this will be a glimpse at the entire study.

I wonder what this experience is like for others? If you engaged in doctoral research, what was your experience like the first time you presented your study for feedback and comment?