Here comes the Analysis!

I have neglected my blog for a bit recently, though the (good?) reason is because I have worked so intensely on my thesis! While I continue to tweak and clarify and refine my first chapters, something that I fully expected to still be doing, I am nearing ready to send the first round of my analysis for review (with the target of Wednesday, 12 September). While I do not envision being finished with it by then, I expect to have enough of substance to get some real feedback on it. I find that having a concrete goal and date is helpful with this experience in endurance!!

Between now and then will find me finish making all the corrections and edits that have previously been identified, continue to refine my literature, and adjust internal issues of consistency and repetition. Phew!

2 thoughts on “Here comes the Analysis!

    1. Close indeed, though I find I work best under pressure! We shall see if I need to push it off, but without having something set I find I otherwise make little progress. Will let you know.

      Remember, there is not a single speed or way for doing this stuff, and people work at different speeds and with different hurdles (as that is itself the focus of my study!!).

      Thanks for the comments and question!


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