Video of My Research Seminar

I am happy to share the video of my recent Research Seminar presentation, where I discussed my doctoral thesis research in progress.

If you ever want to get feedback and suggestions about your own research I cannot recommend this sort of opportunity highly enough. In many ways, this came at just the right time, as it forced me to try to make sense of all my work in a way that is understandable by a larger audience (outside of my supervisors and immediate colleagues). Wonderful opportunity, especially while writing up, to help clarify the thoughts as this was the first time I have publicly discussed my work from beginning to end.

Besides looking like Mr. Potato Head in the video (which I fully expected), I am happy with the results.

Slides from the Research Seminar of My Research in Progress

I presented my doctoral thesis (dissertation) research in progress this past Wednesday at the Department of Educational Research Seminar Series, and want to share my slides for the benefit of anybody interested. While they may not make the most sense until the recording is available, they will at least provide evidence of my research direction. They are available here and are in PDF form due to size issues.

Overall, I received positive feedback from the faculty, staff, and student attendees. Some very useful questions, both those that remind me to include some specific content in my thesis, as well as considerations for my eventual viva preparation. This was a rich experience, and I would recommend the same for anybody else considering the first public sharing of doctoral research.

As always, very interested in feedback and suggestions.