Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2012-09-21

  • @PatParslow @ImpactStory Such horrible news. @dswt in reply to PatParslow #
  • @savasavasava Yes, it is an awful tale of human cruelty and greed. in reply to savasavasava #
  • Here is the tragic story of Nyika, the elephant who just died @DSWT #
  • As @DSWT shares in the announcement, may Nyika rest in peace and join his elephant mother and family Somewhere in the Great Somewhere. #
  • For an elephant to be so sad that he loses the will to live, not comforted by his adopted herd, bodes poorly for elephants in the wild @DSWT #
  • I just learned of the death of Nyika, the baby orphan elephant that was rescued by @DSWT and I fostered. So much tragedy and he just gave up #

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