Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2012-09-13

  • Have to remind myself #NYC is filled with people more educated, connected, talented, and equal. Likewise the opposite as well, I suppose. #
  • Already feeling under the weather and stretched; tough to force the energy to find a quiet corner and hide, rather than simply flee! #nyc #
  • @4KM I tend to dislike crowds, especially of people. in reply to 4KM #
  • @4KM Indeed, reminds me of Goffman. in reply to 4KM #
  • At this art show opening / fund raising event, wishing I were anywhere else. Famous folk and their followers are so foreign to me #nyc #
  • @dahneetsa Yes, and I have been feeling it a bit much over the past week or so. in reply to dahneetsa #
  • This past two weeks have been pushing me near 100% and am trying to keep afloat. Needed antibiotics as a result. #

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