Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2012-08-26

  • I just rejoined the Association of Internet Researchers #AoIR Seems my membership expired without my awareness. #
  • @nancybaym Nothing like taking a critical reading skill set and setting it toward spam. Do I smell a conference reference coming up?!?! in reply to nancybaym #
  • @nancybaym Maybe it is a better offer? If so, pass it on!! 😉 in reply to nancybaym #
  • @christiepooh Thank you! He and Posey love few things more than splitting an icing-free cupcake. Twice a year makes it a celebration indeed! in reply to christiepooh #
  • This baby elephant rescue is fortunate, as he would have surely died in the well otherwise. See this about Kwale @DSWT #
  • Yesterday was Spencer's birthday, so we celebrated with a traditional cupcake from Magnolia (minus the icing, of course!) #nyc #

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