Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2012-03-24

  • @AmandaMichelle @kiwicito @srossmktg Must have missed your qual questions! #phdchat in reply to AmandaMichelle #
  • @srossmktg @kiwicito Who would have imagined that there were fewer quant folks on #phdchat #
  • @srossmktg Keep writing! #
  • @HendraAgustian BTW, I am traveling to the Maastricht in the Netherlands next weekend for a conference; will be my first time there. in reply to HendraAgustian #
  • @HendraAgustian Wow, you sound so American now! in reply to HendraAgustian #
  • @Eingang Thanks for the kind intentions. We have been spending a lot of time on cleaning the ear, which finally looks clean. Lots of meds. in reply to Eingang #
  • @lindathestar Thank you; the poor little sweetie is just not herself this week. Appreciate your positive energy. in reply to lindathestar #
  • As we finish the #NLC2012 "Starting off… Managing your Online Learner Identity" discussion, I am a bit disoriented. Take aways? #phdchat #
  • I realize I am rather behind in replying to email and Tweets this week. Wow, what a week. #
  • So soundly did I sleep that I did not know what day it was or even where I was when I awoke. #
  • I fell asleep a short time ago when I sat down for a few moments after food shopping and the working with the contractor. #
  • I have not been sleeping well this week; Posey is being treated for an ear infection and that is keeping everybody up. #
  • I have today off, and catch-up in all sorts of areas to attend to! #

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