Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2012-01-26

  • Time to sign off. See (or at least chat with) everybody on the other side! #
  • @VigdisSJensen No, I love old Europe. This is more like Iron Curtain Europe! in reply to VigdisSJensen #
  • @christiepooh That is yet another reason we need a f2f one of these days. in reply to christiepooh #
  • @bronwynah Can only Tweet because we are still grounded. This #Lufthansa plane is so old it doesn't have wifi, Internet, or even power plugs in reply to bronwynah #
  • @torresk yes, say it more loudly for #Lufthansa All my previous flights were ideal trips. Maybe they want to encourage sleep? in reply to torresk #
  • @bronwynah 7 HOURS! Imagine 7 hours on a plane in 2012 with a single dinky monitor for the 2 dozen people near each one. #Lufthansa #wtf in reply to bronwynah #
  • @christiepooh Yes am leaning toward a museum, may be more acceptable than a bar or club. After all, nobody would believe the latter two! in reply to christiepooh #
  • @avdbmt The flights are brutal, and that does not even include the hours needed from the airport to the venue. in reply to avdbmt #
  • @ai1sa Thank you for the reference! Will look it up once I get Internet access again. in reply to ai1sa #
  • #Lufthansa all the praise I gave in the past 2 years is quickly fading. How can a NY > Frankfurt flight not have individual video monitors? #
  • Just boarded the #Lufthansa plane and am shocked to see we do not have individual monitors at our seats. How old is this plane?! #
  • About to board the plane to Frankfurt. #
  • @martin_eve Sorry you are not well. Can send you positive energy. in reply to martin_eve #
  • @olavur Performance is far from the only purpose of learning! Why do you think so? in reply to olavur #
  • @christiepooh I know what you mean! I have Friday night free, and wish could find somebody to hang out with. in reply to christiepooh #
  • @MichaelCCoulter I am not familiar with hat text. You have found it useful and recommend it? Is it the main qual analysis text you use? in reply to MichaelCCoulter #
  • @avdbmt I am hoping to attend #nlc2012 though have not been able to find reasonable tickets. Alas, it is a pricy conference from N America in reply to avdbmt #
  • @christiepooh Yes, traveling from Syracuse to Newark to Germany. Want to meet me in Frankfurt? in reply to christiepooh #
  • Can anybody make suggestions for resources or research about using short case studies to teach with? #phdchat #lrnchat #change11 #
  • I am all in favor of their checking luggage if that helps keep us safe. Wonder what they saw and were trying to scanned see? #
  • At the airport in Syracuse for the first leg of the trip. TSA went through my bags and then sent them through the machine a second time. #
  • Preparing to spend all of tomorrow traveling to Germany for a few days of a trade show. #

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