Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2012-01-14

  • Just finished pomodoro ' Transcription Checking & Review (continuing #16 ' #phdchat #
  • Just started pomodoro ' Transcription Checking & Review (continuing #16 ' #phdchat #
  • @gconole Sure, you had to try to being me back to earth. THAT work is now tomorrow's task (right next to the transcription review!)! in reply to gconole #
  • @gconole Funniest reply I heard all day. I even had to share it with colleagues who came running over to see why I laughed so hard! in reply to gconole #
  • Happy to achieve #InboxZero at the office here at the end of the week. Nice way to go into a holiday weekend! #
  • Manifesto for Teaching Online – as great resource shared during #nlc2012 #phdchat #
  • I have now had to restart my computer 4 times today. Not a good sign. #
  • I have done all I can manage tonight; seems the week has caught up to me. Tomorrow is another day #phdchat #

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