Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-11-19

  • Astonished the exec dir I met last year remembered my name. Those things make me want to contribute. Wonder how? @mixnyc #
  • Was able to make it to the MIX NYC film festival this evening @mixnyc #mixnyc #
  • The calendar is outdated and Week10 links are still not on home page; perhaps we need a new updating system? How can I help? #change11 #
  • The #change11 calendar has nothing else listed in the future; is the MOOC over? #
  • @christiepooh Yes, one day we will meet F2F and you can keep the lie alive! in reply to christiepooh #
  • @christiepooh Indeed, I am known as a rather hot fellow! in reply to christiepooh #
  • Ahh, we are told, "All is secure, resume normal activity." Now if only they turn off that blaring sound! #
  • @christiepooh Yes, I am practicing the Occupy philosophy; I will stay hear without being able to explain why. in reply to christiepooh #
  • @gconole Well, the building fire warden announced they are investigating, but I hear no fire trucks, so good sign. in reply to gconole #
  • Why is there. Nobody on our floor suddenly? #
  • Great, the fire alarm in the office is going off. #
  • The next Networked Learning Hot Seat discussion begins Sunday w/ Terry Anderson & Jon Dron #nlc2012 #phdchat #change11 #
  • Considered going to the film festival again this evening, but decided my time was better spent cleaning email and my desk. #

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