Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-11-17

  • @cogdog @mark_mcguire Great idea; I asked on Mark's blog who is behind this, as I cannot find any names #change11 #ds106 #eci831 #facebook in reply to cogdog #
  • For the life of me I cannot find a link to Erik Duval's #change11 session from this past Monday. Is it available anyplace? #
  • @gsiemens @davecormier @Downes Also, will the calendar for #change11 also be updated? It is only current through tomorrow. #
  • @gsiemens @davecormier @Downes Trying to catch up, after a cat-nap; will the Contents for Week10 be uploaded to the #change11 homepage? #
  • Today's task is to try to catch up with email, Twitter, #change11 and my transcription. #
  • @MIXNYC Some of the films were excellent, while some were awful. Would have stayed for a discussion, but the time was not well managed. #
  • @MIXNYC The space is creative, though not well laid out as the line blocks the entrance (not practical or safe). #
  • I have mixed feelings about the opening of the @MIXNYC Queer Experimental Film Festival last night. #

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