Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-10-26

  • I blinked today and am behind on Twitter. Alas, have 2 items to share that may be of interest. #
  • @daciatakesnote @peterflomstat @klbz @savasavasera Any other suggestions for the #NYC #phdchat #meetup on 11/10 than Pegu Club? in reply to daciatakesnote #
  • @kiwicito It was most excellent; thanks for the reference once again! in reply to kiwicito #
  • @mapetite @gawbul @gconole Well, to look at me would reveal I am not in danger of starving, though I did have trouble concentrating. Thanks! #
  • @gconole Just had 2 slices of pizza and now followed by a triple skim latte. Ahh… in reply to gconole #
  • I have not yet eaten lunch today and am having trouble focusing. #

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