Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-10-24

  • Anonymous 4 are back on their game! Excellent return to their Early Music roots with a familiar yet vibrantly fresh sound. #
  • About to see Anonymous 4 present their new work, Secret Voices: The Sisters of Las Huelgas. #
  • Listening about the Iowa political event, it seems Republicans only like conservative Christians. Not good for anybody, anywhere, else. #
  • @DrGarcia It was a beautiful color, not sure why purple. I work 2 blocks away. in reply to DrGarcia #
  • @DrGarcia @cogdog I work a few blocks down from the NYPL, though do not get there often. Never found it inviting. in reply to DrGarcia #
  • @PeterFlomStat @klbz @daciatakesnote @savasavasera Sense of humor, the art of listening, willingness to talk about phd studies,. in reply to PeterFlomStat #
  • @andycoverdale @savasavasava Got it; how is coming? in reply to andycoverdale #
  • @A4tweets Looking forward to seeing you this afternoon at Music Before 1800 #earlymusic #
  • @wfiuharmonia Listening to your show now and heard wonderful music about Percival, though cannot find it listed on your site. What is it? #

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