Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-10-17

  • @allonsdanser Yes, diversity of thought is so engaging, partly as there is so much that I know so little about that I would love to learn! in reply to allonsdanser #
  • @mark_mcguire Alas, I think #eLearning itself is not the answer for the academics' WIIFMs. If only it were all that simple! #change11 in reply to mark_mcguire #
  • @JimmySW At least she hasn't made you re-whitewash it! in reply to JimmySW #
  • Finally decided to go for a little bike ride, only my 2nd of the year. Started too late, as it is getting dark. Well, some exercise is good. #
  • The first of the #nlc2012 Hot Seats is now over. Peter Goodyear was fantastic, and the participation and discussions were strong. Kudos, all #
  • Finishing the review of a slide deck. Then on to a Word file revision, and then a break. #
  • Today's #change11 MOOC session with Tony Bates was excellent, and @Downes did a stand-up job facilitating! #
  • Finally getting on . . . #change11 #
  • @siavogel Wow, you are lucky! On my end, it just downloaded. Now the install . . . in reply to siavogel #
  • Goodness, the Java runtime environment is a large file download. #
  • @siavogel Do you have Lion, and have you already done this download previously? in reply to siavogel #
  • @dalitl I have used both Blackboard and Elluminate on my Mac, though just read online that Lion does not hav… (cont) in reply to dalitl #
  • Who would have known that upgrading to Lion wipes out Java? Note for others hoping to attend a live #change11 session. #
  • @mapetite I never used Spaces and Expose, though I do miss the 4 fingers down to show all open windows. in reply to mapetite #
  • I will join the live #change11 session if I can ever get this Java running on my Mac. So far, Lion does not like Java. #
  • @sarahthesheepu Yes, now let's hope I can transition all that into productivity (or at least deep reflection!). in reply to sarahthesheepu #
  • Yes, my iPhone 4S and iPad now can sync wirelessly with my Mac. Only need to plug in to charge or move over new email account specs #
  • Mac with Lion, iPhone 4S, iPad with iOS 5, and iCloud over wifi = wireless sync of 8 email accounts + calendar + more across devices. #
  • I just installed Mac #Lion and see there are more new tweaks than I expected. Overall, I like it. #
  • I just saw a notification that there is a live #change11 call TODAY – SUNDAY – at 3:00 EDT with Tony Bates for Week 6 #phdchat #
  • @VigdisSJensen Yes, I never did have a real relationship of the work-to-time ratio! in reply to VigdisSJensen #
  • On top of my organizing my transcription work and developing a short-term writing plan, I will upgrade to #Lion and get my iPh@ne 4S working #
  • @kiwicito WHat has precluded your work recently? in reply to kiwicito #
  • @kiwicito Today is a day to start the checking process for the transcripts already done, and also to develop a writing plan #phdchat in reply to kiwicito #
  • @ai1sa and you don't think the rest of us do, too? 😉 in reply to ai1sa #
  • Just received an interesting email from BN (Borders) – As a reminder, on September 30, 2011 Barnes & Noble acq… (cont) #
  • @trentmkays Yes, A(wo)men. in reply to trentmkays #
  • @trentmkays Postmodern plagiarism? Oh, you mean material co-construction and dissemination? 😉 in reply to trentmkays #
  • @kiwicito I can relate completely. All that begins to change tomorrow #phdchat in reply to kiwicito #
  • @debbiefuco @allonsdanser @salma_patel So you seem to see SM as a distractor, as separate from thinking, rather than a key enabler? #phdchat in reply to debbiefuco #
  • @JimmySW Nothing like making your work permanent. What happens once you develop it, use the other side? #phdchat in reply to JimmySW #
  • @aeratcliffe Yes, and along these lines, I think Apple has unnecessarily confused MobileMe and iCloud, especially moving from one to another in reply to aeratcliffe #
  • @aeratcliffe Got it. I do think iCloud will catch on and become more than just a little useful for people. in reply to aeratcliffe #
  • Actor-network theory has been the academic issue that has dominated my thinking this week. Thanks @ai1sa for pushing it in #nlc2012 #phdchat #
  • @aeratcliffe Thanks! Tell me, did you create a new icloud account, or did you somehow sync it with your MobileMe account? This baffles me. in reply to aeratcliffe #
  • OK, I need to get the email specs from my computer to my new iPh@ne 4S, so tomorrow I will upgrade to #Lion #phdchat #change11 #

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